More Old Crow Secrets

More Old Crow Secrets
Our time (OT) December 6, 2014
Due to the main session ending a little early, Sephus (Joe) and Salazar (Steve) played a mini adventure. A mysterious scroll is found when Sephus and Salazar are asked to explore a previously unknown space beneath the Old Crow.

– Sephus and Salazar are relaxing at the Old Crow when Gamblin approaches them. Seems the found another secret passage in the basement of the inn and are keen to explore it further. For an extension of the credit they have at the inn, would the two adventurers be willing to check it out?

– Absolutely!

– After checking for traps and locks, the duo openes up the secret door. A chill breeze met them, carrying with it a foul odor. Light coming from an ever-burning torch helps them make out rough hewn stone stairs. As the fighter and detective make their way down the steps, the ground shakes slightly.

– At the bottom of the stairs is a rough hewn chamber. Along the walls are coffins. The two search the area and find nothing. They do however, hear noise coming from from another set of stairs leading downward into darkness…

– Moving a bit more cautiously down the next set of stairs, the adventurers come into a room much larger and more irregularly shaped than the previous chamber. They also see what has been making the noise, as five skeletons attack. Sephus swings his blade and uses his eldritch magic while the occult detective’s fire bolt drops several of them. Some open sarcophagi (presumably the skeletons’ homes) were empty.

– Exploring the large room further, the two came across two tougher undead. They were dispatched like the others, but only after Salazar suffered nearly fatal injuries. In one of the coffins, a scroll is found.

– Seeing nothing else, and feeling vulnerable as the two were limited on healing (and down on spells) the two returned from whence they came. They gave a report to Gamblin and Half Pint.



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