Dice Hard

[Steve called, failed attempt for him to join in via roll20.net]

Doug & Joe: Sardonis and Sephus investigated the Gentari Lighthouse.

[Doug had to leave for a bit]

Joe: Sephus ended up going all “Die Hard” on a group of Orcs and half-elven cleric, with the Lighthouse standing in for Nakatomi Plaza. Dice rolls were hard coming and it was touch and go for a while there, but then the gods smiled on Sephus and he had a marvelous run of good fortune, culminating in an epic melee against the female cleric (who did the old jedi mindtrick on him), and then followed by a final run-in with the orcs that included critical hits and one-stab- murder hole kills that kept the dream alive.

[Doug returned]

Doug and Joe: Sardonis squared off with the Orc Warchief, then he and Sephus returned to exploring the Lighthouse. Discovering the half-elf cleric’s body missing, they tracked her to a nearby well. They reasoned this to be a secret entrance to the “basement level below” and so returned to the stable entrance to try and cut them off. In the underground lake they discover a resurrected half-elf and a powerful drow. The drow raised a lake of undead that Sephus occupied freeing up Sardonis to confront the drow and his raised companion, which he did by rolling a natural 20 to run across the heads of the undead to the Marvolo Altar in the middle of the underground lake.

[Joe had to leave]

Doug: Sardonis dispatched the resurrected half-elf then entered into a harrowing battle with the drow. Near death, two more crit rolls enabled Sardonis to come out victorious, reclaiming his father’s sword from the drow.

The last crit came when Sardonis was down to 5 hps & the drow was feeling pretty good with 21 remaining. Sardonis’ final attack delivered exactly 21 hps of damage.



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