A Town Under Attack

A Town Under Attack
Our time (OT) December 6, 2014
Our adventurers include:
– Nilbung, gnome thief (Shaun)
– Dogulas Sardonis Gentari, eleven warlock (Doug)
– Sephus, human eldtritch knight (Joe)
– Del, human wizard (Brent)
– Salazar, occult detective (Steve)

Group follows the path of the book taken from Moloquin’s chambers by Meryda Malfeyda (with the help of Grimli Fellheart). We believe Grimli did this to get his soul back.

– Told to retrieve the book by Grimli, the group leaves Crowhaven, making it’s way towards Greenest.

– For the past day, the party travels a long a road that winds lazily across the rolling grasslands of the Sword Plains. Sundown is approaching when we top a rise and see the town of Greenest just a few short miles away.

– But instead of the pleasant, welcoming town we expected, we see columns of of black smoke rising from burning buildings, running figures that are little more than dots at this distance. The party also sees a dark, winged shape wheeling low over the keep that rises above the center of the town. Greenest is being attacked by a dragon!

– As the party makes its way closer to the town, it comes across three townspeople. They have clearly been in the thick of it, and are running for their lives.

– Next, the group overcomes and ultimately defeats a group of plundering dragon cultists. The trees and darkness prove to be useful allies to the party.

– Another group of cultists are slain as the adventurers get ever closer to the town.

– Once inside the town’s perimeter, without warning, five humans dash out from between two buildings on the party’s left. A limping man and three young children race across the street into more shadows, and a woman carrying a round shield and a broken spear turns and faces back in the direction from which they came. Eight kobolds stream out of the alley on the family’s heels and fan out around the woman, who looks determined to delay the creatures for as long as possible. The kobolds are joined by an evil wizard.

– The party bravely intercedes and things get dicey as both Sephus and Salazar take damage from the kobold’s weapons meet and fall unconscious. Nilbung, Del and Sardonis step up, making very effective use of their abilities.

– Eventually, the kobolds and wizard are eventually killed. The woman introduces herself as Linan Swift, and her husband is Cuth. Sephus and Salazar are healed. And Linan guides the group into the keep as its massive wooden doors close. It is loud and chaotic inside the keep, as townspeople have crowded into it seeking protection from the dragon, kobolds and cultists.

– Inside, the party meets Governor Kronghill, the leader of the area. The group also meets mysterious elven stranger, who tells the party what happened. That the book has indeed been sold to the Cult of the Dragon. Meryda Malfeyda is nowhere to be found. The cultists are now headed to a coastal town in XYZ to take get a boat to see the Red Wizards of Thule. The wizards’ goal is to raise the evil dragon Tiamat.

– A discussion is had by the group as to what do to next. But the talk only generates more questions. And when the stranger is sought, he can’t be found. Kronghill confirms he has never seen the man before.

– The group then leaves the keep via secret passage and heads back to Ravencrest.

– They tell Grimlee Fellheart (after Sardonis insists we tell him and not Headmaster Moloquin Grey). Grimli says he will pass along the news to Moloquin. Nilbung and Grimli have words around the idea of being paid to go to town to retrieve the book.



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